By Romana D. Brown

No one can understand hard work better than a small business owner.

Hard work and smart work are not always synonymous, particularly when it comes to small businesses. Small businesses, for ages, have been managing a reputation of being sluggish in evolving technologically.

If you are among those small business owners, it’s time to stand up and increase your productivity.

Information Technology (IT)

Just like a physical infrastructure of your office, setting up and maintaining the technology infrastructure is also important. Technology fuels small businesses, even while being obscure.

Rather than managing everything on your own, or even worse, not doing anything at all, it is advisable to get help from an expert company to take care of your organization’s IT matters. Such companies can easily set up and maintain the network while ensuring data backup and cybersecurity at the same time.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business, but since things are changing, it does not need to stay on paper now. There are some software such as Fresh Books and QuickBooks to simplify such daunting and time-taking processes. Moreover, these online tools can take charge of other processes, such as payment gateways, invoicing, and payroll.

Teamwork and Project Management

No company can run efficiently without collaboration and administration. It is quite industrious to keep all your staff and team members on the same page and the same direction.

Small business can get help from different collaboration or project management software like Basecamp, Asana, or Zoho Projects. These tools are efficient in making all your employees aware of their roles and responsibilities.

If you are looking for a free alternative, consider the tools offered by Google to enhance the collaboration, such as Documents (cloud office suite), Drive (cloud data storage), Calendar (cloud-based calendar, and Hangouts (video conferencing).

With the right software at hand, you can easily address the communication issues of all sorts.

Solid web presence

Technology is evolving, trends are changing, consumers are being more informed, and your competitors are getting digital. At this point, having a bad website, or going without one, is a serious disservice to your business. We are lucky enough to exist in an era where having a decent, well-functioning website is as difficult as it was a decade ago.

You can find an affordable Website Development Company in UAE quite easily, or you can hire a freelancer. But always remember that tasks like these demands professionals. You can also find some free or inexpensive templates to save you enough money and time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are always the lifeline of any company. CRM softwares, such as Salesforce empower the users to connect with and discover about your present and prospective customers. It even provides them with efficient ways to run reports and deliver personalized email templates.

Digital and Social Media marketing

A majority of consumers who use the internet are socially active too, so it is important for your business to connect with your audience on the social platforms. Moreover, social media and digital marketing are effective in generating traffic and brand awareness. Even if you have not got your feet wet with these two, it’s never too late. Start today!

If you can afford to hire an online advertising form, then go for it. Or else, you can at least set up your social profiles and run a small Google Adwords campaign to start with.

Facebook promotional campaigns are effective in driving likes and activity on your fan page, whereas YouTube ads have also been serving as a good option to reach customers. You can use social media tools like Buffer and HootSuite for social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Emails are not obsoleted. Period.

Small businesses are constantly in quest of new and effective ways to reach their targeted audience. Email marketing is not just cost effective and easy to do, but and it works for every business too. All you need to do is to provide valuable, unique email content that can build brand awareness and attract new, present and previous customers, at the same time.

In the ideal world, you can get an all in all, online email marketing service provider aimed to help small and mid-sized businesses, such as  MailChimpExactTarget, Constant Contact, and Emma.

Romana D. Brown is a creative writer and a content promotion strategist. She is associated with some of the big corporate names and has been the part of writing business since 5 years. Branding, mobile app development, digital marketing, e-commerce tips and tricks, Entrepreneurship, web development, designing and trending technology news are her forte of writing and her niches. Every day to night, she drinks coffee and write impeccable content. To connect with her use these links: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn