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To promote your business, you should consider working with social media platforms. Nowadays, the most relevant social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and platforms of this kind. Why so? Because these websites are hyped, so to say.

Once you’ve created a profile for your business page on one of the social media platforms, you must reach your target audience to sell your product. But we’re not going to talk about the most efficient advertising techniques and stuff. I’d like to share some tips and tricks on how to boost your customers’ flow using metrics.

Not data analysis, but mere logic.

All of the big companies hire top data scientists or marketing engineers for business promotional purposes. No one says it’s a bad idea, especially taking into account how marketing has already advanced the process of clients’ reach.

But, if you don’t want to spend big money on this and would like to do it yourself, just use free built-in analytics tools and consider these social media metrics:


Reach allows you to see how many potential customers are out there, waiting to get interested enough to buy your product. Through reach, you can analyze your audience and check whether there’s been a leap in visitors for a couple of months.

My advice is to look for new visitors, human/non-human accounts, male/female visitors, and visitors over 18. Through this, you’ll be able to make a chart or histogram to visualize your results.

However, you should remember that reach is only a mirror of your work which cannot give you the slightest idea about what to do next. But, engagement can.


Engagement tracking is a niche that must be worked out to create the best SMM strategy for your business. In allows you to track the number of likes, page/post views, reposts (retweets), comments, clicks, replies, followers, and saves.

It’s like a door to your success as engagement shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your promotional strategy. You see what posts have been liked and reposted the most. You can analyze the content and style of the most popular posts and choose the right direction for future content.

Go crazy and monitor the likes on your photos and posts. Get an image of your average customer – age, social status, financial state, preferences, and other factors. Once you’re all set, use this to upgrade your product and make it more attractive.

Best time to post

Sometimes, the timing can spoil everything, including the reach of your post. Thus, the two previously mentioned metrics won’t do the job. It depends on the time where most of your followers are active.

Of course, you can have problems tracking this time because your customers can locate in different parts of the world. But, what you can do in this situation is to determine the part of the day or the exact hour which is the most promising.

You may even create a calendar or set a reminder in order not to lose the opportunity to publish a post on time. Working with such huge amounts of data is quite challenging but, thanks to different platforms and programs such as Excel, organizing and sorting your data is possible.

Stories retention rates

Yeah, stories are something that blows up your mind. Little videos which can entertain, educate, and advertise at once. Instagram bloggers make a fortune on promoting products, services, and other Instagram profiles every day. Why not do the same?

For many people, it is easier to watch a 15-second video or a picture with some text rather than to read a long post. That is why Instagram stories are so in demand. Hold the attention of your customers for a long time by analyzing the number of views on every story.

You can modify your videos and images according to your brand needs. This way you become unique and recognizable.

Some practical advice: calculate the drop-off rate of your stories and the drop-off rate after the first slide. You just see when the followers sneak out and make a conclusion. If you can’t figure out the reason for this, conduct a poll with 2 or 4 variants of answers in your stories concerning the things people want to see.

Nowadays, social media are a powerful ad means. Using all their features, everybody can make themselves known. This article covers only the basics to track. There are lots of things to keep in mind for your service/product to stand out of a crowd. However, keeping an eye on these metrics helps you invent your own successful SMM strategy.

Hannah Sharron is a Lead Editor at Spreadsheeto. She is fond of writing Excel guides and how-tos. Besides, she is interested in digital marketing and SEO tools. In her leisure, she adores hiking and reading.

Metrics stock photo by PixieMe/Shutterstock