How to Start a Successful Company

By Dennis Hung

Starting a successful company is a dream for millions of people. With new technology available, it is easier than ever to start a business. However, people quickly find out that running a business is hard. There are multiple things that people can do when starting a company to improve the chances of success. By having a solid business plan, the odds of a financial catastrophe are limited.


Advertising is essential to the growth of any business. There are numerous online advertising options for people to choose from. However, some of the most effective marketing strategies do not cost a lot of money. When starting a company, direct sales may be the most effective option. Building a brand takes years of hard work. It is vital for business owners to start small and expand slowly. It is never a viable strategy to expand faster than the infrastructure of the business allows.


A robust financial plan is the background of any successful company. When starting a company, some people borrow a ton of money. Although business debt is not always bad, there are numerous examples of people going bankrupt from too much debt. It is a good idea to be prudent when borrowing money. It is often much more expensive than people realize to manage a business. By starting a company deeply in debt, business owners make their future goals harder to attain.

Business owners should have a plan for spending the profits of the company. Building a large cash reserve is an excellent way to protect against an economic downturn.


The most common business to start is one that offers products to customers. With all of the online options, it is easier than ever to develop a product from anywhere in the world. Some people import products directly from overseas factories. Others manufacture a product in the United States. When importing products from other countries, the cost per product is usually lower. However, many customers in the United States prefer to purchase products from companies based in America.

When selling products, business owners should focus on providing quality options for an affordable price. It is not a good idea for small businesses to compete on price alone. Small companies will never compete with the scale that large retail companies have. Over time, these larger companies can offer lower prices than small companies. By providing another value proposition, such as the quality of the product, small companies can thrive in a competitive industry.


Providing a service is another option for business owners. A service-based business is usually less scalable than a company selling products. For example, a person who owns a yoga studio can only offer so many classes per day. As a result, service-based companies usually have higher profit margins than companies selling products.

The best way to have success with this strategy is to offer expensive services that clients are willing to pay for. Business owners need to provide services that add value to clients. Testimonials from prior customers is an excellent way to earn new business.


A growth plan is essential for any business owner. Some people wrongly assume that all growth is good. However, there are cases when growth causes a company to be less profitable. If a business owner has to spend thousands of dollars to acquire a new customer, the cost of acquisition has to generate sizeable revenue. Business owners need to outline a plan for growth in the coming years. Some people do not want to develop a national business. A small and profitable business may be the best solution for some business owners.

Dennis Hung is a writer of all things business. He’s an expert in sales planning, strategy, pricing, and product Marketing. He has extensive knowledge in organic-only SEO, social media marketing, lead generation, and management consulting. As well he has administrative experience training in call centers and personal sales teams.

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