Ideas to capitalize on upcoming the November holiday, festivals, gatherings and more

There’s a lot going on in November. Take a look at the latest trends and insights from Eventbrite and learn how to capitalize on this month’s events.

Volunteering is a great way for families and businesses to give back, especially in time for the holidays. There are nearly 800 volunteering experiences on Eventbrite this month alone, and “volunteer events” has been a top trending search on the platform over the past month. Need some ideas? Eventbrite created The Volunteer Collection to help.

Pop-up shops are “popping up” in shopping centers and retail plazas to capitalize on incoming holiday shoppers. If you run an e-commerce business, have you considered setting up a pop-up event in a retail space? Or if you have a retail location, think about how you could spice up your offering with a pop-up event featuring another creator’s wares. Pop-ups create freshness, the perception of “limited” availability, and in many cases cross-pollination of customer bases. We’re seeing pop-up art shows in gift shops and entire event centers dedicated to featuring multiple pop-ups, similar to a traditional holiday market.

Perhaps people just need a giggle as the holidays approach, but comedy events have shown an uptick with nearly 1,000 comedy shows on the Eventbrite platform in November alone. With the rise of stand-up comedy specials on Netflix, the public seems to be looking for stand-up comedy beyond the screen and in real life. We’re seeing comedy festivals in San Francisco to highlight rising local comedians and even “clean” comedy shows in Detroit for the whole family. Do you have a space that can host comedy nights? Not only can you support local performers but hosting events after closing hours will also attract new faces to your business and bring in an alternative source of revenue.

Employee appreciation is top-of-mind for employers as the end of the year draws near. Taking time to acknowledge the great work your team (small or big) has achieved during 2019 boosts employee happiness and sets the tone for 2020. From employee appreciation parties to team-bonding experiences like escape rooms or bread making classes, there are many ways you can show your team some appreciation before a busy holiday season.

As temperatures drop, Fall has become the unofficial whiskey-drinking season as people get ready to cozy up with some hot toddies! There are more than 200 whiskey-related events, from the New York Irish Whiskey Festival in New York to the “From the Barrel” Whiskey Festival in Des Moines. Do you run a business that could pair with whiskey? A whiskey-based experience could be just the thing to get folks off the couch and out socializing.

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