By Patrick Panuncillon

There is no such thing as a perfect leader. There is no surefire formula to become one. However, the most competent leaders are those who know that the primary goal of their job is not about finding the answer but knowing how bumpy the road is just to get to the answer.

For you to perform this, you have to be:

  • Able to create a shared understanding between you and your teammates about the facts of the problem at hand.
  • Ready to test the waters and have clear takeaways from the outcome of the tests to come up with the best direction that would offer desirable results.
  • Able to find speedy and nimble ways to execute the best strategies to achieve the results you want.

Interestingly, a great e-commerce success requires the same set of virtues – get your customer’s perception, cite the problem, test every way possible to solve it and implement the best solution to the issue. But this statement may not surprise you at all.

After all, e-commerce is a medium that connects business owners and customers quickly. In this world where change is faster than our ability to learn things in digital marketing, it’s highly important to stay connected to your clients now and be up-to-date with the fluctuations in the market and how to cope up with those shifts faster than your competitors.

When it comes to leadership in change, we created a model that will help you cope up with the changing organizations and to respond and engage with the fast-changing market.

Leadership in an Ever-Changing Channel

This pattern aims to suggest that competent leadership in a fast-paced world can:

Stop and reflect. An efficient leader knows how to stop for a while and determine the challenges. Also, he or she is knowledgeable enough to ask the team’s opinion or suggestion before taking action.

For example, if you’re working in a company that does SEO management, you need to see why your website is not having an increase in your conversion rates. Ask your team and contemplate on the team’s answers.

Create change within the team. As a leader, you have to be the one who will initiate change in your team. You need to set a vision for your team and make sure all the members of the team collaborates on it. You need to be able to use their talents and potential to attain your goals.

Be firm in achieving your goal. You should be clear on what you want to happen or make. Make sure you’re looking for ways on how to be always one step ahead of your business competitors just like when you manage SEO tasks. Also, you have to use your failure as a learning experience.

Test the waters and have takeaways. Just like an investigative project, you have to think of an educated guess or a hypothesis with a thorough understanding of your target market’s insights. Use this theory to experiment and explore ways on how to move forward.

Take outcomes, whether it’s positive or negative, as a challenge. Let’s face it. Not every solution will work for a particular case or scenario. At some point, there will always be problems that will arise. What you have to do is to take it as a challenge. When you overcome it, you’ll be proud of yourself and more importantly, of your team.

Takeaway. Being a team leader is never easy. The amount of time and effort that you’re investing in leading a team is not a joke. The load of tasks you’re finishing is overwhelming. However, if you practice the tips written above, then your job as a team lead will surely be lighter than necessary.

Patrick Panuncillon is a dynamic leader of a team in LinkVista Digital. He supervises a group of young minds to mold them in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and E-commerce.