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By Pratik Kanada

The real challenge is initiated when you have accomplished your app and take the final breath of relief. But, hold on dear friend, there lies a big job of “Promotion”. It’s a dramatically challenging job to convert an idea into an ingenious app and which accompanies another challenge of satisfying all those hungry users waiting for something new to enter and attack that. Well, the best way to boost your new app is to get it featured on IOS app store. This will make your app instantly visible and attain the higher number of downloads. It really matters of great delight when any app gets the featuring treatment. If you want the apple store to acknowledge your app there is no trial and error method, the sure thing is to incorporate the ingredients in the app that makes use of the latest technologies of apple.

Here are some of the ideas to incorporate if you are an IOS app development company to get your app featured in IOS App store and getting more hits on the download button.

1) Go for native codes

iPhone app development dwells several ways and one of the prudent one append “write-once” app platform which has the agenda of making the app development of both IOS and android more accurate. Code sharing among various platforms generally simplifies the user experience of end users but on the other end, it also complicates upcoming app updates for future versions of IOS. If you have the objective of getting featured on the app store, native code is pivotal. To get your app featured in the app store, use native coding of objective C along with its new shifting program language. Native coding will make the optimum utilization of API and all those frameworks which are built in IOS. Apps with native coding are equipped with the smooth transition to the upcoming technologies which IOS is about to launch in future.

2) Keep it universal

This task can be hard hitting but get this thing straight in your head that evolving an IOS app can cut down the iPad users right away without giving them a chance to stroll the app store and hitting your download figures. Building an IOS app can outcrop into being device specific, that it will run on IOS and iPad. However, if you go for keeping it universal, you can communicate with application program interface on a whole. If you are a smart IOS app developer, you will probably find your ways to create in-app referrals and auto layout with correct sizing which will encourage the app to give great visual impact on huge iPad and iPhones. By putting in a bit of extra effort, iPad market can be captured more easily and by keeping it universal, you will accomplish the target of getting featured in the app store.

3) User-friendly experience

The basic criteria are to make your app available to every apple device possible that is iPhone, iPad and apple watch. This will not only enlarge your potential audience but also depict your commitment towards developing outrageous IOS apps. The apps that apple includes in the top list are those which at the end of the day iPhone users adore. Having a name that sounds flashy is not the way how featuring your app in the store works that too after the advent of new silicon valley start-ups who are in constant search for the ways to improve UX and disarray already established industries. The customer expectation which has brought the app industry so high and is set as the judgement panel which certifies whether the app is up to the mark or not.

4) Assimilate connected home and home kit

Homekit is the basic home platform which has just initiated to spread its branches with an advanced portfolio of hardware products which will connect with the apple’s home kit. Well, it’s not a compulsion that every home kit needs to have a hardware element but it is definitely a compulsion for those who produces hardware for the home to search their ways to get their products connected with the home kit. Apple has come up Home apps in IOS 10 for specific home kit features and hence if you are establishing any such products, prioritizing this feature is on the must do list.

5) Catchy app description

The app description is not the only thing that popularizes your app in the app store but having a bad one can definitely degrade your app in the app store. Hence, if you are working your ways for iPhone app development, then the description is an essential element of the promotion process. The description is something which describes your app and hence takes your time and comes up with a description that portrays your app and informs the users about its enticing qualities which sparks up users interest.

Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across iOS and Android platforms.