Tip of the morning to you, fellow reader! Feeling a bit shabby this morning? Had a rough night and probably too much to drink last night? Or maybe you were working late hours again… Perhaps its insomnia keeping you up all night, and making you feel like it’s the end of the world first thing the next morning. Or maybe you’re more like me, and you simply don’t like, or even hate mornings in general.

Either way, it’s totally understandable! But that’s not too say that you can’t turn this situation around, and feel like a new man, or a new woman every single morning! Believe it or not, a perfect morning routine can do that to you. To cut to the chase, I’ve gone through dozens of expert opinions, conducted several tests on my own, and read hundreds of testimonials, just to bring you the best morning routine for success! If not, then some very useful tips and guidelines at least…

Try to Secure 8 Hours of Sleep

First things first! Healthy natural sleep is essential for the best morning routine for success! You couldn’t have one without at least 8 hours of rest. You will also be unable to work at full capacity if you don’t get enough sleep. Anything less than seven, eight hours of sleep a night can seriously affect the functioning of the pituitary gland, which regulates important hormones in the body that are directly responsible for appetite, mood, and alertness issues.

Anything over eight hours might have negative effects on some people the next morning. Now, we understand that you may not always succeed in following this rule, but an important first step is to make it an objective, and try to achieve it as often as possible!

Hydrate Your Body

We know you will not like this one, however, the worst thing you can do to your brain and body is to drink coffee as soon as you wake up. The best morning routine for success starts with proper hydration! If you wake up feeling tired in the morning, it means you are dehydrated, and here is where coffee acts as a diuretic, meaning it will dehydrate you even more.

Experts recommend that we start our day with a generous glass of water form alkaline water filter pitcher, a hot cup of lemon water or even a cup of turmeric tea. The latter contains Curcuma, which can seriously improve memory, your power of concentration, and is even more effective when mixed with green tea. And yes, I know what you’re about to say – doesn’t tea also contain caffeine? The answer is yes, but green tea contains way less caffeine than coffee. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the mix and voilà – the best hydration possible for the best morning routine ever!

Give Stretching a Shot

Light physical exercises are an excellent way to wake up your mind and muscles, and a morning stretch routine might just be the healthiest and best way to do it. And it doesn’t have to be a long hard session either: simply lie on the floor, press your feet against the closest wall and try to arch your back gently–this will improve your blood circulation and will redistribute nourishing substances to the upper half of the body.

Give Meditation a Chance

I understand why some people don’t believe in it, but my morning routine always includes at least 10 minutes of deep meditation. Whether you like it or not, this ritual is followed by many successful world leaders, health experts, and influencers. And for a good reason too – mindfulness meditation can improve concentration and the brain’s executive functions which truly help us in the process of problem-solving. A 2010 study showed that it only takes 12 minutes a day for meditation to achieve results. Try to include this in your daily routine and it won’t be long before you will notice serious cognitive improvements.

Have the Same Breakfast Every Morning

Eggs, oilseeds, seeds, and berries are among the best choices for the brain, according to experts. You might want to consider putting together a daily breakfast that includes some, if not all of these great nutrients. As delicious as they may be foods such as pastries, white bread, and sugary cereals should be avoided at all costs. At the same time, it is important to eat at the same time every morning, and more or less the same thing, as this can help you to regulate your circadian rhythm and digestion.

All of these are pretty much essential things to do in the morning. If you try to incorporate at least a part of them in your wake up process, you will end up forming your own healthy morning routine, before you know it. But let me know what you feel about this, and if you have any other great suggestions, I’m really curious to hear them.

Elizabeth Barlettah is a proud and dedicated mother of two, and one of our beloved Senior Copywriters here at She has a genuine passion for everything DIY and leading a healthy lifestyle and she is also the proud owner of an upcoming handmade decorations business.

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