By Karen Axelton

top 10 women business ownersInc. has recently released its list of the top 10 women entrepreneurs. The women profiled own a range of businesses, from Amy Nalewaik, whose Blackbook2 offers free online services for small businesses, to Eileen Gittins, whose Blurb enables consumers to make and sell their own books.

I am always fascinated by startup stories, and this group is no exception. The sparks of their businesses grew out of everything from a love of photography to a military background. THe women started their companies for a variety of reasons, from Jennifer Scully, who was previously a nurse and combined that skill with her administrative knowledge to launch her business, to Jessica Herrin, who went from her to a second venture, Stella & Dot, because she saw a need to give women a way to spend more time with their families.

One of my favorites was Mindy T. Withrow of CSS Distribution Group, who talked about how important it is for her company to seek out other female entrepreneurs to do business with. “We look for other companies that have similar stories,” Withrow told Inc. “One of our largest tape suppliers is women-owned.”