By Ricarrdo Monni

With technology becoming so advanced, businesses have plenty of options as to how they can market their brand. However a sizeable portion of businesses are still substantially missing out on marketing revenue when compared to their rivals. Many are still behind the times and using outdated techniques when formulating a marketing strategy. Blogs might have demonstrated a company’s technological know-how a decade ago, but with the majority of businesses having their own blog, they are no longer a differentiator to set them apart from competitors, and are in need of a spice up.

The best way to reinvigorate an aging blog is to transform it from a text-based platform to a video-based one. In other words, a video blog. Though this might seem like a difficult or time-consuming task, there are many video production companies emerging to provide video blog services to businesses.

Businesses need to realise just how influential video has become on peoples lifestyles. A 2012 survey estimated that 41 million Americans watch videos on their smartphones, a 22% increase from 2011. Many businesses may think that this interest in video blogs is a transient fad. However, statistics suggest otherwise. The 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report revealed, of the over 600 marketing professionals surveyed, 93% used some form of video marketing, and 82% stated that it had had a positive impact on their business or company. It seems that video marketing is not only a serious new form of advertising, but one that is here to stay.

There are various ways how businesses can make sure their videos grab consumer attention. For example, ‘Vine’ is the new app that allows users to upload a six second video to Twitter or Facebook, that’s short, snappy, and well-suited to the quick attention spans of today’s consumers. Alternatively, for companies that want to present a more professional profile, Youtube allows the upload of lengthy videos in high definition and, with the site being the world’s second largest search engine, a wide audience can easily be reached.

All in all, though video blogs are at the cutting edge of the newest marketing strategies out there, they possess the ability to reinvigorate a company of any style or distinction. Businesses should stop letting their consumers simply read about their company and make sure they actually see it for themselves because, as the saying goes, seeing is believing!

This article was written by Ricarrdo Monni on behalf of Lambda Films. Lambda films are one of the UK’s leading video production companies specializing in effective online marketing campaigns for businesses and organisations of all sizes.