More sleep, better mental health and overall improved well-being are what’s important to consumers in 2020. How can your business help?

We’ve written a lot about wellness—primarily because it’s a massive and still growing industry.

Mintel, a global research company, says for 2020 businesses need to “bring the wellness wave down to earth—focusing on manageable and seamless solutions to shift the industry from exclusive to inclusive.”

Here’s some of what Mintel says wellness businesses should focus on this year.

Consumer goals. The top priorities, Mintel says, are to “get more sleep and follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.” This is part of their overall focus to “improve their health, feel happier, look better and take control of their health/well-being.”

Because consumers are more likely to gravitate to solutions they can consistently keep up with, Mintel advises businesses to “rewrite the narrative on what it means to live healthy…Embracing low impact routines can be easily ingrained into daily life, with or without access to a workout facility…In 2020 and beyond, actions that incorporate physical and emotional benefits, such as walking or stretching, will take over as wellness-driven activities available to everyone.”

Be happy. In its upcoming report on health management trends for 2020, Mintel reports more than half of adults say their reasons for setting health and wellness goals each year is to feel happier. Mintel’s believes “the definition of mental health will expand to include everyday emotions/feelings.” The key for businesses is to “provide simple solutions for stress, anxiety, burnout or exhaustion—while encouraging happiness and building a sense of community.”

Sleeping in. Mintel reports getting more sleep is the top 2020 goal consumers want to pursue, since it’s “an attainable way to achieve mental, emotional and physical health benefits.” 2020, Mintel says, may be the “year of redefining sleep health.” Instead of thinking of sleep as “an interruption to productivity, getting a good night’s sleep will be viewed as the foundation of self-care and healthy living.”

Finally, Mintel reports almost half of adults say, “making wellness more fun would help them achieve their goals.”

Wellness stock photo by Nenad Aksic/Shutterstock