By Robert Cordray

For many websites, consistently creating fresh content can be a daunting task. More importantly, it can be difficult to create content that viewers want to read and share. For that reason, a content development process may be extremely valuable. Many publishers understand that providing as much as exposure as possible for content is an important aspect of viewership. People enjoying sharing information online for both educational and recreational purposes. Shareable information can range from pop culture to current business news. In most instances, shareable content is interesting, news worthy, or has some personal value.

Although it is important to place focus on creating quality content; it may be more beneficial to place focus on creating shareable content. There are several innovative and distinct strategies to use to create shareable content.

Read All Comments

The comments on an active social media network or blog can help users understand what people like and dislike. This is a great place to develop story ideas. The comment section can offer a different perspective as well as other ideas that were not previously considered. The comments on Facebook updates, Twitter streams, and Google+ can offer valuable information about what people want to know. This is an ideal method of creating content that people will not only want to read, but they will enthusiastically share.

Consider Current Events

In most cases, there is current news in the industry that people want to know. More importantly, current events are some of the most commonly shared pieces of information. Reading, watching, or listening to current events can make people want to share fresh and interesting news. Incorporating up-to-date information can be a useful tool for creating shareable content.

Tie-in Pop Culture

Many successful sites and content writers use an aspect of pop culture to relate to something in a specific field. Mixing pop culture with useful information can help make the content more shareable. People enjoy sharing information about topics they like to talk about such as the Kardashians, reality TV, or Dancing with the Stars.

Develop Shareable Headlines

The headline for a piece of content can improve its sharing ability. In most cases, when people share content that others do not click on it, the content does not receive the maximum amount of exposure. More importantly, the content has a reduced chance of going viral. The goal is to create a headline that people will want to click on immediately. The most shareable headlines are often numbered headlines, how-to headlines, and what-happens-next headlines. The numbered headlines are generally “5 Innovative Ways to Develop Content,” how-to headlines are “How to Use Creative Content,” and what-happens-next-headlines are “Want to Develop Shareable Content? Here are some tips.”

Use Trending Topics in a Distinct Way

Trending topics are topics that are fresh and interesting. Using these topics can make content considerably more shareable. However, simply restating old information is not the best option. Use the trending topic in a new and distinct way. In most cases, analyzing what others are saying and adding a personal yet distinct spin on the topic can make it more sharable. Creating a headline that displays the distinct angle can help make the content more shareable as well.

Use Shareable Tweets

Shareable tweets are a great way of making content more shareable. This does not mean simply using the re-tweet button located at the bottom or the top of a post. Using shaerable tweets means incorporating actual tweetable bits throughout content. There are free tools that create pre-populated tweets for visitors. After clicking on a link, individually crafted tweets will appear in the visitor’s status update box.


There are several creative ways to help content become more shareable. Although some methods may require some work and a bit of inspiration; an increase in share ability is well worth the effort. Excellent web design and UX design can help, but incorporating many of these tips and strategies can improve the content’s share ability. In some cases, effective tips and strategies can even help the content go viral.

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. He currently resides in the Southern California area and spends his time helping consumers and business owners alike try to be successful. When he’s not reading or writing, he’s most likely with his beautiful wife and three children.