If They Build It, Will You Come?

Date posted: July 4, 2013


Will you one day be able to visit a national museum dedicated to entrepreneurs? Yes, if the National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation ever becomes a reality.

Several prominent organizations and individuals, including the Clinton Global Initiative America, the Case Foundation (established by AOL co-founder Steve Case and his wife), Carly Fiorina, Dean Kamen and Vint Cerf, are backing the plan to create what the NCEI’s website calls “a permanent space on, or near, the National Mall [in Washington, DC], where the celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation and the inspiration of creative confidence is an activity that occurs every day.”

With some 25 million visitors to Washington, DC’s National Mall each year, the NCEI would attract a lot of attention to entrepreneurship. The organizers describe their goal as a “museum in reverse,” that will both celebrate the past and envision the future. The location would include interactive and experiential exhibit spaces; imagination-inspiring events; educational collaborations; and design labs. The center will also host programs and work with school districts to create educational programs highlighting the importance of innovators and entrepreneurs to America’s future.

Want to get involved? Learn more, make suggestions and sign up to get alerts on the NCEI website.

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