By Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva LesonskyHave you missed any of my blog posts around the Web this week? Here’s what I’m writing about:

Last week I heard one of the most inspiring business speakers ever, Seth Godin, talk about his “Linchpin” theory, why your lizard brain is holding you back and how to create a business that matters. Get more on my blog.

With big-bank lending drying up, community banks could be a lifeline for small business. Read more about President Obama’s plans for increasing local lending in my blog post on Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends site.

There’s a whole generation growing up in the shadow of this “Great Recession.” Learn how the economic meltdown is changing their attitudes—perhaps forever—and what that means to your business in my post on AT&T’s SmallBusinessInSite.

Thinking about buying a franchise? Before you do, find out what that company’s franchisees really think of it. I’ll tell you how on my franchise blog.