Retail drives the economy, creates new jobs, and is an enormous part of people’s lives. According to retail statistics retail market will reach $29.8 trillion by 2023. Even though the pandemic forced many small business owners to close their businesses temporarily, there are still ways to make sales. Let’s see what you can do about it.

Brick-and-Mortar Hacks

Even though there’s a notion that most people shop online, a whopping 90% of retail sales happened in physical stores in 2019. This type of shopping enables people to touch and see the product they want to buy. There’s face-to-face customer service available, and in case customers wish to return a product, chances are they’ll do it faster than online.

Promote In-Store Deals

While you probably have a website for your physical store, offering in-store deals can attract more people. Make sure to have special offers during holidays and keep an eye on competitors’ prices.

Make Your Store Look Appealing

It’s important to find a way to allure customers. Put up a sign that clearly shows you have a giveaway or promotion. Use bold colors to grab potential visitors’ attention.

Advertise Locally

Local newspapers, radio shows, or TV ads are a great way to become more visible. Offer to sponsor an event and become an active member of the community. People will want to know more about your offers.

E-commerce Hacks

The online world offers way more space for marketing. From influencers to Google ads, there are many ways to showcase your brand. With e-commerce, you have to leverage your website and social media to attract buyers.

Facebook Ads Are a Must

Facebook is a platform that can help you promote your product and increase sales. Instead of paying for a TV ad, you can decide who gets to see your offer and set the price you want.

User Experience Must Be a Priority

Customers will visit your e-commerce store via their mobile devices or desktop computers, so your website needs to provide a seamless user experience. If the checkout process is too complicated or buyers can’t find the shipping cost, chances are you’ll have a high cart abandonment rate.

Create Loyalty Schemes

A loyalty scheme will drive your customers to buy more to get a discount or free item. Still, try not to overdo it. For example, you can offer a gift for every 10 purchases. Explore many e-commerce loyalty scheme options and select the one that meets your customers’ needs.

Change It Up

Owning a brick-and-mortar store doesn’t mean that you can ignore online marketing methods. Create official accounts across multiple social media platforms and use them to promote your brand.

Offer In-Store Pickup

Set up your website so that people have the option to order online and pick up a product in a store. With the in-store pickup, customers save on shipping costs, there’s less chance for product damage, and you’ll boost customer loyalty.

Go Above and Beyond

Customers love feeling appreciated. Sending out a hand-written thank you card is a simple way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Don’t forget to include your social media in the card and invite people to spread the word about your brand online. In return, they’ll get a gift card or discount.

Add Your Business to Google Maps

Adding your business to Google maps will show your location to potential customers. That way, people will be able to locate you faster.

Don’t Let Coronavirus Stop You

Many businesses are suffering through the pandemic. Still, if you managed to keep your business afloat, there are ways to increase sales. Let’s see some examples below.

Offer Limited Contact In-Store Shopping

Many customers are still afraid of being in the same room with other people. Some retailers have offered a drive-up option similar to the in-store pickup. Customers order online and pick up their products at the parking lot.

Let People Know You’re Following the Safety Measures

Don’t be afraid to announce that your store is following all precautionary measures to fight COVID-19. Remind your customers that their safety is your priority, and they’ll feel more comfortable shopping in your store.

Switch to Online Sales

While it’s challenging to change the business strategy and start selling your products online, sometimes it can be the best move to make. Combine it with various shipping methods, and make sure your customers know when you’ll reopen your store.


No matter if you own a brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce store, combining multiple marketing methods is always beneficial. Work on creating a good relationship with your customers by showing them you care. Customers will be grateful for extra effort, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Be ready to alter your business and marketing plans and prepare for growth.

Rachel Peralta is a driven content creator and coordinator on She studied communication arts and understands how words can be a powerful tool for getting ideas across. She is determined about creating the most informative content to help readers make informed decisions. During her free time, she writes about her travels and explores all the beautiful coastlines in the Philippines.

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