By Rieva Lesonsky

87667142The passage this weekend of landmark health-care legislation has brought out strong emotions in lots of Americans. And many people—particularly small-business owners—are wondering just how the health-care changes will unfold.
I’m wondering something else: Will the legislation spur creation of new small businesses?

Many people stay in jobs they’re less than thrilled with just because they’re afraid of losing their health-insurance coverage. And for lots of people who are considering starting a business, the difficulty of finding health insurance is a major stumbling block.

I’ve blogged before about the difficulty my company had in finding health coverage. Say what you will about the new reforms, but the old system sure wasn’t perfect.

It will take years for all the effects of health-care reform to play out, of course. But if one of the reforms’ side effects is freeing up more Americans to start businesses, that’s something all entrepreneurs should support.