Starting a business is easy, but growing it is hard. There are a lot of steps to be followed, and a lot of planning that you need to get done before you follow through the idea.

The first step however is having a business idea. Apart from the idea, the second most important consideration is the business name. it is the name that connects with the consumer.

If you plan to use your name or your family’s name, then it is pretty simple and straightforward. However, if you are planning to use something that is related to the business idea, then you might need external help to get the perfect business name.

There is plenty of help available online. The business generator websites are known for extracting the perfect names for your business, based on the concept and idea.

The idea behind the generator sites is to give your business a name that resonates with the customer and makes them want to be a part of your idea.

Here, we have curated 4 such business name generator websites that you should try out. Let’s go through how each helps.

#1 Instant Domain Search

When it comes to domain name searching, Instant domain search ranks on Google. Why? Because it allows a lot of different and unique features.

We are into Uber like app development. So let’s try and find the best “Uber app development” related domain names and suggestions. When you search for it, you will get different suggestions like this.

You can easily identify by the green color itself that the domain is available for the .com option. More on that, it directly allows you to buy it.

Plus, it suggest relevant and popular domain name that are for sale currently. Isn’t it great? You can have all the data on the single page. It’d make your work easier and convenient.

#2 Wordoid

Want to give your business a catchy name? Try Wordoid, the name generator site that vouches to be as creative as possible with generating a good name for your business.

The first step is to set the sound for the word. For instance, you can look for natural sounding words with Wordoid. Next, you need to mention the word that you want in the name. for instance, you want “ing” somewhere in the business name, then say so.

You need to set the word limit for the business name. for instance, you want a two-word name, then set it to 2.

Wordoid will give you plenty of options based on your settings, and will help you with the right domain name. it will also tell you whether the name you have chosen is registered or not.

Check this for example.

#3 Lean Domain Search

Searching for the domain name for your business cannot be made easier than this. With lean domain search, you simply need to enter the keywords for your niche. The app will automatically pair the top words ranking high in the niche, and give you an excellent combination for the domain name. For example, when searched app, it gives the following suggestions in the first fold.

It has other important features like sorting. This will help you to sort the name with different criterion like Popularity, Length, and in alphabetical order.

Here is the screenshot of sorting options you can try.

The idea is to mix up a few words to come up with a meaningful suggestion for your domain name. generating a good business name cannot be made easier than this.


#4 Domainr

Every business wants a short url for the domain registration. You don’t want the people to know a difficult name. However, searching for a name that can be easily remembered is quite a challenge. That’s why you need to use Domainr. It helps search for easy-to-remember and effective names that has a good recall value.

You will thank this tool for giving your business idea the domain name that will carry it further.

The best option of Domainr is that is shows unused domain as well. For example, when you write Uber, it will show all the domains and which are unused out of it.


Summing up

These are the top four business name generators that we believe are easy-to-use, and offer excellent and valuable names for businesses. However, there are many other tools available online that you can use to get the perfect name for the perfect idea.

Let us know how the domain name generators worked for you, and which ones would you suggest?

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, a firm having expertise in Uber like app development. He has over 90k LinkedIn followers. With the help of these followers, he has helped over 150 job seekers to find their new job in India. He spends most of his time researching the mobile app and startup trends. He is a regular contributor to popular publications like Entrepreneur, Yourstory, and Upwork. @yuvrajv5

Domain name stock photo by Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock