As someone seeking fitting professionals for your company, you already know the process can be overwhelming.

This is where LinkedIn comes to the rescue. With more than half a million users, this is the platform where most job-seekers network.

Using this formidable network, you can find the best-suited individuals fulfilling your own requirements.

To help you out with this task, LinkedIn offers you a plethora of tools and services. Here’s an overview of the same:

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows companies to attract top talent through a combination of real-time data, machine learning, and AI. There are four products in LTS which can help you in recruiting and hiring candidates.

You can gain access to the world’s largest professional network, where 85% of some 500+ million members are open to new opportunities, even if they aren’t looking on job boards.

LinkedIn automatically targets your job post to qualified professionals matching the skills and experience you’re looking for – both in emails and across LinkedIn.

The cherry on the top? You only pay when candidates view your job post; depending on the budget you have, LinkedIn can tell you how many applicants you can possibly receive. This allows this powerful platform to customize itself as per your requirements.

LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs

Earlier LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs used to be separate platforms. In May 2019, LinkedIn combined these two platforms into a simple AI-powered product.

With the help of these tools, recruiters can filter candidates based on different criteria such as location, willingness to relocate, and total experience. One unique feature of this tool which distinguishes it from the rest is ‘open to new opportunities. It helps to segregate active candidates from the passive ones.

The product is powered by AI. It gives real-time recommendation for the right candidates while you are crafting your job description.

For the applicants, they no longer have to switch back and forth between the recruiters and the jobs. The job applications and search leads can be viewed on a single dashboard.

You can then save the candidates to your pipeline to be filtered for subsequent stages.

LinkedIn Pages

You can demonstrate the work culture of your organization by posting videos, photos, and employee-created content. The candidates can get valuable insight by visiting the pages of your company.

They can know what a company has to offer by connecting with the existing employees. They can opt for personalized job recommendations. With the help of page analytics, you can know which of the candidates are engaging with your organization’s page.

Tips to Attract the Right Talent using LinkedIn

One of the unique features of LinkedIn is that it extends beyond professional networking. In addition to looking into a candidate’s professional journey, you can know about their interests, their skills, and passion.

You can judge the candidates on different parameters and identify whether they will make a good fit. Thus, make sure to enhance your reach beyond active jobseekers.

Define a Career Path

While posting a job opening, you should try to think from a candidate’s perspective. In addition to telling your requirements, you need to convey what’s in for the applicant joining your company. How can you provide growth and development opportunities for them? How will their role evolve over a period of time? Addressing these concerns will go a long way in making the applicants feel comfortable.

Get the Existing Employees Engaged

If the existing employees of a company actively engage on LinkedIn, it sends out a positive signal that the company is a good place to work. Doing it can entice potential recruits to join your company.

When to Post

One way of optimizing your LinkedIn job postings is analyzing the traffic to know the best time to post. You can use Google Analytics to determine the time of the week when the users are most active on your company profile and related pages. Posting around that time can improve the chances of finding the right candidates drastically.

Mobile Optimization

According to the Pew Research Centre, 1in 5 people in the U.S. rely on smartphones for the internet. By the year 2015, 75% of the world’s population will rely solely on mobile phones for using the internet.

If you are ignoring ‘Mobile LinkedIn’ as a part of your recruitment strategy, you are in trouble.

Get your LinkedIn job posting optimized for mobile users. Design your content precisely and provide accurate information.

Try to be in the candidates’ shoes and think about what they want to know. There are majorly three things they are scanning while reading your exhaustive job requirement: salaries, job role, and qualification! Try incorporating this information in a simple and precise manner.

Finding the top talent for the company is the first step towards its prosperity. LinkedIn is an imperative platform to look for competitive job-seekers. Now is the perfect time to leverage this platform and on-board the talent you need and deserve!

On a quest to help professionals across the world land their dream jobs, Aditya Sharma lives and breathes Hiration — a platform to help job-seekers find their way in the treacherous job market — where he’s a Co-Founder and the unofficial CPO (Chief Problem-solving Officer). He likes to code away his days and nights when he’s not busy disrupting the career space.

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