4 Keys of a Successful Startup for College Students

By Sebastian Miller

College offers sufficient time for students to develop startups that can be turned into a viable business outside the campus. You can get experts to help with a business plan so that you focus on your schoolwork while still actualizing your idea.

Excellent business ideas have been muted in college. The challenge lies in differentiating between a business idea and schoolwork. Transforming the idea into a business is one of the most delicate phases that will determine survival. Here are tips that will transform a college startup into a successful business.

1. Dedicate Time to Develop the Idea

Students are reluctant to take their ideas the full length in the guise that they are still in school. Some of the richest entrepreneurs in the world today started their businesses while in college. This did not stop them from pursuing their education.

An entrepreneur in college has several options that will enable him or her to still grow the idea without exiting the school. Hire an assistant to help with college assignments to enable you to focus on your idea. You must also utilize all the free time available to do constructive work instead of too much social engagement.

The school has resources that would be helpful in developing the idea. Join the business incubation platform provided by the school to guarantee practical business assistance. Colleges and universities also have acceleration programs that could be helpful in transforming your idea into a business. Dedicate the time necessary to turn your idea into a viable business.

2. Identify Sources of Funds

College students have the challenge of the availability of resources. Finances from family members and student loans are not sufficient to set up businesses. This may cause a lot of ideas to be lost or fail to take off.

Luckily, students have resources that are invaluable and would help in transforming an idea into a viable business. College provides free internet that is helpful in research and advancement of the business idea. Alumni associations also offer mentorship opportunities to upcoming businesses. There are competitions for student business plans that enable you to get funding. These opportunities provide a safe place to incubate the business.

Resources are the reason many ideas fail to take off. Copyright your idea and protect it before you can expose it to the world. Approach credible funding institutions to collect the resources needed to transform the idea into a reality.

3. Manage Your Education

Maintain focus on academic performance. This is the core business that took you to college. All the resources you are imagining will not be available if you are not in school. Since colleges discontinue poor performers, do not wait to fall into the trap and lose the privileges.

Attend classes as required by regulations. Set aside enough time for revision, discussion groups, research, and other activities that go into the pursuit of your academic goals. Hire an assistant to work on your assignments to avoid missing deadlines or failing to submit the work. In case you need to take leave, make it procedural to avoid losing the opportunity.

4. Begin Planning for the Business Outside College

Incubating an idea may take longer than you thought. The college will not keep you a day longer after graduation. It becomes expensive to build a startup outside the college where there is competition and scarcity of resources.

Begin building networks and partnerships as early as possible. These networks will help you build a brand that is competitive and can survive outside the campus. The free time, internet, and other resources mean a lot to a startup and will not be available once you leave campus. Take advantage of all opportunities at your disposal to turn the idea into a profitable business.

It is a tough job balancing the demands of a startup and schoolwork. You require detailed planning and the search for resources or collaborations. Make calculated steps that will not compromise your education or cause you to lose the idea.

Sebastian Miller is a successful businesses coach who’s been helping with a business plan since 2014 and helped hundreds of people start their own businesses all around the Globe.

College stock photo by Flamingo Images/Shutterstock