By Rieva Lesonsky

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Maybe you’ve been laid off. Or maybe you haven’t been laid off, but you’ve been doing the work of three people for the past couple years (without a raise–in fact, with a pay cut), and you’re tired of working so hard for someone else.

The economy is picking up again—so you could try to get another job. Or you could strike out on your own and build a business that’s all yours, where your hard work goes directly to your bottom line (not your boss’s) and no one can lay you off.

Americans are starting to spend again, but prices for the business products and services an entrepreneur needs are still low–making now the perfect time to start a business.

Now, what business to start? Your chances of success are better if you choose an industry that’s growing and has high potential for the future. That’s exactly what my new e-book, 26 Hot Businesses to Start Right Now!, will tell you.

My downloadable e-book reveals the 11 hot market trends that are shaping business today, and pinpoints 26 specific hot businesses that have the greatest chance of success in 2011—and beyond.

Written in partnership with the folks at StartupNation, 26 Hot Businesses to Start Right Now! will help you choose the business that’s best for you, so you can get started right away. There’s no time to lose—with the economy recovering, now is the moment to seize opportunity and do what you’ve always dreamed of: take control of your life.

After working for someone else for more than 30 years—most of that time writing and talking to audiences about entrepreneurship—I finally took the bull by the horns a few years ago and started my own business. Despite the challenges, I’m so glad I did—and you will be, too.

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