By Shaun Chatman

Serious women in the career world need apps that streamline their jobs and keep them organized. In order to keep up with those in the business world today, professionals need to keep their smartphones on hand and use the apps that will really boost performance. Here are seven apps important for any entrepreneurial woman in the workforce today.

1. Humin




















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Keep track of contacts with an app that contextualizes your entries. With Humin, you no longer have to remember a name to find a person, simply search for contacts using smaller details. This can something like where you first met or where the contact works. If you are better with faces, you can use the contact pictures to help you remember names. Schedule meetings, send emails or make calls to the contacts you store in Humin.

2. HootSuite






















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Continue building your personal brand with a strong presence on social media. HootSuite allows you to stay on top of your various profiles, posting or updating them simultaneously. Synchronize your calendar and schedule campaigns to post at certain times for consistent self-marketing. You can be a busy career woman and still post important updates to demonstrate that you’re a relevant authority and virtual resource for your industry.

Awesome Note

This all-in-one life organizer is designed to track personal and business tasks for daily clarity and direction. Don’t get distracted and drop any of the balls you are busy juggling each day. Use Awesome Note for free or pay a small fee for the full package version. The sleek app design is fun to use and will make you feel awesome as you keep track of your to-do lists, schedule, and projects all in one place. Because of the high-speed processor and 4G LTE capabilities, apps run smoothly on the iPhone 6 and Awesome Note is no exception. Provided you have a reliable network, Awesome Note will run as smoothly as your day.


Don’t waste time and effort with the clutter of receipts and handwritten expenses for your records. Make your taxes easier and your invoicing simple by keeping all receipts and business expenses in one place. Record your mileage, time spent, and itemized receipts all within the Expensify app. Use the iPhone camera to take pictures of your receipts so you don’t have to keep them with you. This is an important app, especially if you own your own business or travel for the company on a regular basis.

Time Master






















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When you need to know exactly how to bill clients, Time Master is your best friend. Track your hours on projects with an app that makes record keeping easy. This alternative to Expensify will also let you track expenses, bill clients, and create reports. Though Time Master isn’t free, the one-time fee is less than $10 and worth it for the peace of mind you will have in tracking your efforts with ease.


You might not have time to read an interesting article you see on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, but why not save it for later? You can browse articles at your leisure when you save them through Instapaper. Bookmark the articles you want to read at a later time and stay up to date with the most current news. Instapaper even allows you to read offline, so catching up on industry news could be as convenient as reading articles on a plane ride or subway trip.


Say goodbye to Rolodexes and crumpled business cards in the bottom of your purse. Snapp! is designed to make tracking your network leads easy. Just take a picture of the business cards you collect and store the contact information for later use. To improve your lead connections, simply set up a follow-up email to be sent as soon as the timing is right, keeping you fresh in their minds.

Apps can help make life easier if you find the ones that best suit your needs and offer easy navigation. The right app will help you remember important information, organize aspects of your work, or track things you can’t afford to forget. Use your apps to improve your business or personal work habits to be the very best you can be in a competitive and fast-paced business world.

Shaun Chatman is a freelance writer who has written for many authority blogs. Though he likes to write about everything, he especially likes tech, finance, business, and education. He lives with his family and two dogs in Dunedin, FL. @Shaun_Chatman