By Karen Axelton

Did you know tomorrow is National Entrepreneurs’ Day?  In fact, November 14-20 is National Entrepreneurship Week.

Who’s behind President Obama’s official declaration of this special day and week? Not surprisingly, it’s two enterprising entrepreneurs.

In May 2010, David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos started a petition to create a National Entrepreneurs’ Day. “We didn’t understand why the most entrepreneurial country in the world didn’t have a day to recognize entrepreneurs,” explains Taghaddos, whose company, Grasshopper Group, provides tools to empower entrepreneurs, including the Grasshopper virtual phone system.

Taghaddos and Hauser got the idea because they wanted to remind both current and would-be entrepreneurs that anything is possible. That’s an inspiring message in today’s downcast times—and even more inspiring is the fact they achieved their goal.

“Entrepreneurs are America’s real bailout,” Taghaddos writes on the company’s site. “By investing in their ventures, we’ll be able to stimulate a real economic turnaround. Instituting our first National Entrepreneurs’ Day and having it recognized by the President is a major step towards fueling this incredible forward motion.”

How should you celebrate this special day? Visit Grasshopper Group to see Hauser and Taghaddos’ ideas; I’m sure you can come up with others of your own.

Grasshopper Group offers an easy tool to spread the word about National Entrepreneurship Day.