By Rieva Lesonsky

photo ericI’ve met some really smart people over the 28-plus years I’ve covered entrepreneurship and small-business issues. Eric Groves (right), SVP of e-mail marketing services at Constant Contact, is one of those folks. Hundreds of thousands of small-business owners use Constant Contact’s products and services to market their businesses. Whether you use Constant Contact or not, Eric’s new book, The Constant Contact Guide to E-Mail Marketing, will tell you everything you need to know to grow your business using e-mail.

E-mail marketing is all about relationships, Groves says—and that makes it especially useful in today’s challenging economy, when keeping your existing clients is key to staying in business. The lessons Groves shares in the book have been learned by interacting with Constant Contact’s small-business clients. “I know the strategies in this book work because I have personally taught them to thousands of small-business owners and watched the results,” writes Groves. He also used the same techniques to help build Constant Contract from an unknown startup company to a leading technology firm.

Don’t have a lot of time? Just check out the first chapter, “40 Know It or Blow It Rules of E-Mail Marketing,” to read a quick summary of the key points in the entire book.

Of course, once you read that you’ll be hooked and want to know more—and Groves shares much more, including how to build a good e-mail list, the 3 rules of content, how to format your e-mails, writing effective subject lines and “from” lines, how to deal with spam filters and other deliverability problems, and how to track the results of your e-mail campaigns.

Clear, actionable and thorough, The Constant Contact Guide to E-Mail Marketing is an essential handbook for any entrepreneur interested in harnessing the power of e-mail. Visit Constant Contact’s Web site to download the first chapter for free.