By Rieva Lesonsky

photo seoWant to get your Web site to the top of Google’s search results? (Don’t we all?) A new series of e-books from my friends over at StartupNation can help.

The “Google Rocketship” three-part series shows you how to “rocket” your site to the top of Google’s rankings.

Book 1: How to Find the Money-Making Keywords for Your SEO Campaign and Discover Exactly What You Need to Do to Crush Your Competition, explains what SEO is, how to research keywords (including both free and paid tools for doing so), and how to optimize your Web site so you’ll rank above your competitors.

Book 2: How to Make a Website and Create Content that Google and Your Visitors Love takes you more in-depth on the technical aspects of SEO, such as proper URL structure, TITLE tags and anchor text. (Have no idea what those are? I didn’t either, until I read the book.) It also goes in-depth on content creation and how to use good content to drive traffic.

Book 3: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Thousands of Great Links and Dominating Your Market in No Time Flat focuses on the importance of link building and walks you through the most effective link-building tactics that will raise your profile on search engines. It also explains how to measure the results of your SEO campaigns.

Each book explains clearly and simply exactly what steps you need to take to improve your results. I’ll definitely be putting these tactics to use for my own site.

Each e-book is just $24, or buy all three for $59. Better yet, if you join StartupNation (which is free), you can buy all three for $49.

Author Zeke Camusio of The Outsourcing Company is a search engine optimization expert who has started six Internet-based companies of his own and helped hundreds of clients improve their online marketing and SEO results.

For more information about the Google Rocketship series, visit StartupNation.