The dynamics of the relationship between a customer and a business have drastically changed in the past few years. Enterprises must deeply research customer behaviors and provide rigid visitor management to the customers in order to capture optimum customer satisfaction.

Since the emergence of the GDPR compliance in the year 2018, businesses across the globe have adopted smart and intuitive visitor management solutions into their operations. The purpose of the GDPR compliance was to introduce an extra layer of safety and smooth visitor operational capability in enterprises and small businesses alike. Hence, the rise in demand for visitor management systems was captured following the rollout of the GDPR compliance. To quantify the demand for the same, the visitor management systems market is supposed to generate over $2 billion by 2026!

Visitor management software employed by enterprises is very useful in achieving many things. They take care of the visitor flow, managing their activities, assigning them permissions to enter certain parts of the premises, and much more. Right from visual identification to visitor management optimization, visitor management software has been playing a huge role in driving performance in enterprises through innovative visitor management solutions.

Let’s take a look at the various innovative ways visitor management systems have helped drive enterprises’ performance and ultimately helped them boost their operational efficiency.

Customized Workflows:

One of the most innovative solutions visitor management systems have provided enterprises with the power to navigate various visitor personas with the help of customizable workflows. Introducing the various visitor personas into the VMS and customizing them into the visitor management workflows has helped enterprises in segregating and managing various types of visitors efficiently and effectively. This is done through capturing visitor data, comprehensively analyzing it, and identifying the various purposes of the visit to streamline visitor activities.

Efficiently storing the multitude of data entries from the visitors, and leveraging the data to identify different visitor personas has helped enterprises in organizing their front-desk approach, and making it easier for the staff in managing visitors and saving a lot of time in identifying their needs.

Streamlining On-Premise Activities of Visitors:

One other innovative way in which VMSs have helped enterprises in driving performance is by making visitor activities very organized. Smart visitor management systems come with the ability to build customized badges for digital identification of the visitors. Whether it be via barcodes or QR codes, these customizable badges act as an identification proof for the visitors. These badges can be printed upon the arrival of visitors via digital reception software, where the visitor can seamlessly check-in on their own and fill the necessary forms to enter the establishment. This further helps enterprises in quickly responding to the visitors who might require assistance while they are on-premises, ultimately improving customer service standards.

Security and Safeguarding Data:

Through smart visitor management solutions, enterprises have been able to significantly boost their security. As discussed in the previous point, visitors are assigned badges to enter the premises of enterprises. These badges play a detrimental role in determining what parts of the establishment or what services a visitor can access.

For instance, if a visitor has level 3 security clearance, they can access only certain parts of the establishment via their badges.

This has significantly helped enterprises in not only safeguarding their establishment from unnecessary entries in restricted areas. Badges also help enterprises in tracking the visitors and their activities while they are on-premises. Tracking their activities and flagging any unusual activities help enterprises in safeguarding their valuable data, as loss of business data in today’s age can affect the integrity, image, and reputation of the enterprises.

Keeping Track of Various Compliances:

One of the biggest concerns for any enterprise is to keep track of all the regulatory compliances, safety procedures, and health regulations relevant to their operations. This can become quite a hassle for enterprises as the sheer number of compliances are very hard to track and missing any one of them can incur huge losses for them. Especially with the rollout of the GDPR compliance, this is a very important activity for any enterprise. Smart visitor management systems come equipped with the ability to not only track these compliances and regulations, but also flag any activities that enterprises might need to be aware of to avoid missing out on any regulations.

Visitor management systems take care of all the necessary forms about health, safety, and confidentiality agreements for the visitors upon their visit. This helps in ensuring there are no backlash perspectives from the visitors’ end, which safeguards enterprises and helps in driving their performance simultaneously.


Enterprises in the 21st century must adapt to the new norm of managing their visitors with smart and innovative solutions. Visitor management systems are the most powerful tool that can assist enterprises in achieving their goals efficiently and driving performance. Hence, the importance of the growth in the demand for visitor management software over the past two years, and the expected growth in the upcoming years cannot be stressed enough. The most effective way to drive performance and growth for enterprises nowadays is to make full use of the most powerful tool of them all – the Visitor Management System.

Vinod Janapala is Senior Product Marketing Manager at piHappiness – Customer Feedback App & Survey Software. piHappiness is a top customer feedback software designed to collect customer feedback on Web, iPad & Android tablets. Vinod is keen on such topics as marketing, SaaS challenges, and Personal Growth.

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