Many people are intimidated by chatbots. After all, the buzz in town is that bots are gonna take over. The truth is, chatbots are here to make your life easier. You must have heard of its advantages to B2C marketing. However, it can be compelling with B2B marketing, as well.

Like numerous AI platforms, chatbots can be very productive in boosting ROI. It’s a massive misunderstanding that chatbots and AI take over human intelligence. Instead, they amplify what is already there. Chatbots are incredible, and they help carry out mundane and repetitive tasks. More and more businesses will gradually embrace chatbots, so you better catch up with the trend.

How Chatbots Can Scale Up B2B Marketing

Are you aware that 83% of customers require assistance with online purchases? What if there is no online agent to assist them through that? Well, you will end up losing your precious customers. Chatbots are engaging and intuitive. It doesn’t require your customers to go to a new page, once they hit the conversation window, they can get everything they are looking for. Chatbots are a hit with digital marketers, and here are some of the ways in which they can scale up your B2B marketing.

Customer Service

A considerable benefit of Chatbots is that they are very engaging. In B2B marketing, user experience is critical. When your customers face a problem, you have to ensure that they find solutions quickly and easily, or else you’ll end up losing customers. They will run off to your competitor, who utilizes chatbots. It helps provide prompt answers and informs them of how your products will meet their needs.

With regards to e-commerce, 34% of respondents stated that they prefer answering questions from AI through virtual assistant or a chatbot according to Statista questioning.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

If you want to generate leads, chatbots are an indispensable tool. If a customer wants more information about your services and products, you must have all the right information ready and properly assist them throughout the process. You have to ensure quality interactions. You must have responses to every potential question. Through chatbots, you can inspire B2B customers to take action. It’s as simple as subscribing to your YouTube account or following you on your facebook. These micro-commitments are potent ways of nurturing leads. It will assist you in delivering top-notch content.

The graph above shows how Facebook messenger surpassed 1.3 billion users and chatbots create a seamless channel for your customers to engage with your business via apps like messenger. Through this, you’ll be able to ramp up your sales.

Capture Insights

Everyone knows how challenging it can be to generate quality leads. You’ll have to rely on people’s willingness to fill out a form and then visit your site. But with chatbots, you can learn everything you need about your customers in the first interaction. If you know exactly what to ask, you can generate the leads and assist them in landing a purchase. Thanks to the insights provided in the first few seconds, you can steer the conversation in the right direction. Additionally, you can utilize a chatbot’s interactions to highlight your promotions to your customers. For example, if you have a new product or service, you can effectively use the customer’s questions to hype your products and inform them of the new launch.

Content Distribution

Emails are being dominated by chatbots. They encourage direct communication with your company. Thanks to chatbots, you don’t have to send multiple emails, which will most likely end up in the spam folder. By chatting with your customers, you’ll learn about your customer needs and customize services and products, particularly for them. From direct chats, you’ll know a lot about the preferences and style of your potential customer. When you are distributing content, you should customize it to address the customer’s pain points.

Advantages of Chatbots:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Reduces expenditure of hiring multiple agents
  • Customers will receive instant feedback for their questions
  • Excellent customer service that requires no waiting time
  • Nurture’s leads and promote brands
  • Furnishes metrics and data on customer’s commitment level


Chatbots amplify your customer experience, and they are truly amazing with B2B marketing. With chatbot’s repeated calls to a customer, the agent will be made a thing of the past. They are effective in guiding your customers and providing them with precisely what they are looking for. Not just that, with the relevant information, you can tailor products exclusively for them and not only reel in new customers but retain the existing ones.

By incorporating a chatbot to your marketing strategy, you’ll be providing your customers with the right products and services.

Clara Beck is a Business Manager with 8 years of experience at Thomson Data based out of Plano, Texas. She helps SMBs and Enterprise firms take full advantage of the latest marketing tools to scale up their business. She blogs about Small businesses, Marketing, CX, Entrepreneurship, Big Data and, other technological innovations. Connect with Clara on LinkedIn and Twitter learn how to win more leads.

Chatbot stock photo by sdecoret/Shutterstock