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Everyone that is serious about growing their business and establishing themselves as a top brand is today actively involved in search engine optimization. For enterprises that have always thought that having a website was reason enough to boast of their online presence, a wake-up call was long sounded. Numbers do not lie, and for top-rated sites, it is a whole new level of operation that they would do anything to maintain as they grow their market supremacy. Nonetheless, it has never been a better time to tap to what has proven to be more than a promise but a dream that can be lived by any enterprise.

All suggestions and questions as to whether search engine optimization is dead are misinterpreted facts which simply fail to acknowledge the fact that the marketing technique has tremendously advanced. One of the primary reasons why SEO is not dead is because every day there are more and more internet users who are after quality content. Search engines are built to work for the favor of the billions of active internet users who rely on the platforms for instant access to information. This translates to the reality that no business can ever hide from that quality content rules and is the most efficient way to attaining their marketing goals.

In the past, SEO was all about desktop websites as it was the one place where everyone would go when looking for a product, service, or objective information. Times have changed, and today the primary mode of accessing the internet is through smartphones which account for an average of 69% of the total time spent online. Essentially this means that a company that has mobile abilities will automatically gain a competitive advantage as they have direct access to the largest and most active market segment.

To avoid locking out such a massive percentage of the market, any business that is thinking about search engine optimization must equally include in their plans having a mobile-friendly website. Back to facts backed by statistics, another factor why embracing the change is fundamental is that no visitor will have second thoughts when it comes avoiding a website that will not load in a smartphone. This decision is made instantly, and within a couple of seconds as page-speed ranks as the determining factor for anyone browsing the internet. If the immediate competitor has taken the right measures in having a mobile-optimized site, it requires no magic to know where all those prospective clients would all be going to each time.

At a time when mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, the only one on the losing end is a business that fails to keep up with the current trends. Search engine algorithms have also been upgraded to take to account mobile optimization as one of the factors that determine the ranking on the search engine result pages. Google’s mobile-first indexing is a game-changer which is rightfully intended to ensure that all visitors to the platform have a smooth experience regardless of the device used. Once all the steps are taken to give all visitors a platform is practical, search engine optimization gets to have the impacts desired.

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