Are you considering incorporating automation software into your small business? Automation is a top-tier tool for all businesses as nearly 40% of enterprises are reported to have fully automated at least one of their business functions.

Your business can use automation to generate more leads, drive conversions, improve your customer support, garner analytics data, etc. That’s because these resources can easily take charge of monotonous tasks with little to no room for error, making automation an indispensable tool for organizations that prioritize efficiency above all else.

These systems leverage artificial intelligence and programming, allowing organizations to scale and improve. Here are some of how automation can lead to explosive business growth:

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool that, if leveraged strategically, can take your business to the next level faster than you could imagine. This is made evident by the staggering ROI of email marketing of 3,800%.

Put simply, you can see a 38 dollars return for every 1 dollar that you spend on email automation. And to top it all off, the upfront investment is negligible.

Incorporating email marketing automation into your campaigns can help you listen to consumers when they message you via your contact form. Today, consumers expect an instant response. When you contact them within an hour of receiving their email, it makes them 7x more likely to convert into a lead.

An added benefit of automation is that it allows you to send out customized emails as your business scales. Additionally, automation can reduce your marketing team’s burden, freeing up more time for them to generate stellar content.

Use AI to Predict Campaign Performance

For your business to survive in the long term, you need meaningful active engagement with your current and potential audience. Predictive analysis can help you design effective marketing campaigns that align with your brand’s vision and customer needs.

Whether choosing the right image for your marketing campaigns or deciding on an appropriate target audience demographic for your posts, automated AI-based technologies can help.

You can leverage AI-driven platforms to create a solid predictive analysis for your intended audience. Also, it helps you anticipate how a specific marketing campaign or post will perform.

Automate Customer Support Workflow

A customer support workflow entails various elements that need to be overseen. However, most of them are redundant elements. You can easily automate them, enabling the executives to pay attention to delivering seamless client support.

Agile Customer Relationship Management is a powerful tool to automate your customer support workflows, align them with your brand image and expectations, and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it also allows you to automate routine processes such as assigning tasks, setting priorities, and statuses, routing incoming tickets, and much more. Agile CRM tools also enable you to expedite case closure and provide exceptional customer service by letting you actively track the service level agreements SLAs.

Increase Sales with Data-Driven Email Marketing

To engage your target customers, it is vital to tailor your marketing efforts to their needs and entice them with something that they can resonate with. Similarly, emails with a touch of personalization that list the offers and services based on your audience’s preferences perform better than the bulk emails sent out to your customers.

But customizing these emails can take a considerable amount of your time, efforts, and resources unless you use automated email marketing platforms to garner behavioral insights.

With AI-powered resources, you can effectively and effortlessly send emails to your customers at a fraction of the time and cost. Data-driven email marketing allows you to considerably optimize the content and increase open rates, delivery rates, and click-through rates.

Leverage Automated Interactions To Enhance Customer Experience

According to a Microsoft report, around 96% of the customers across the globe consider customer experience as a significant determining factor that drives brand loyalty.

Automating your customer service can considerably enhance your customers’ experiences, from being your site visitor to becoming an end-user. Automation helps you build customer-centric processes. It also aims to eradicate or reduce the need for human intervention to provide customer assistance.

Furthermore, when you automate customer-related processes like voice bots and chatbots, it significantly reduces the response time, leading to higher customer satisfaction. They also help alleviate the manual burden from the support teams and associated costs and time involved.

Wrapping Up

If incorporated correctly, automation can help your business increase the accuracy and efficiency of your company processes. Additionally, your employees can use their valuable time on urgent proposals, agendas, and goals without fretting about other tedious tasks.

Jay T. Ripton is a freelance technology, business and lifestyle writer out of Scottsdale. He loves to write to inform, educate and provoke minds. Follow him on twitter @JTRipton.

Automation stock photo by Den Rise/Shutterstock