By James Wirth, QuestionPro

My wife and I attended a powerful workshop this weekend led by Oprah Winfrey. One thing Oprah discussed was her years of hosting the Oprah Winfrey Show, in particular the one-on-one interviews she held with notable individuals including U.S. Presidents, Hollywood celebrities, famous authors and many more.

At the end of each interview, these very successful people from all walks of life would ask Oprah a consistent question: “How’d I do?”

Imagine sitting across from Hollywood A-listers, and they are asking for feedback.

In businesses of all sizes, we often ask this question too (and if you aren’t already asking, you should be, Oprah says so). But our effectiveness in asking the question is often impacted by our budget (as well as other factors such as time, technical expertise, and more).

This creates a scenario where bigger companies with more money to spend typically ask in a way that’s more relevant and get more out of asking the question.

Said plainly, that ain’t right.

One of the reasons I am passionate about small business is because big business doesn’t necessarily have the advantage all of the time – often it’s just a matter of a small business owner having the information that can make all the difference.

maybe an extreme example but illustrates the relevance of location-based feedback
Maybe an extreme example, but illustrates the relevance of location-based feedback. And no I am not suggesting you install a screen in your bathroom stalls.

Case in point: Hyperlocal research.

It’s ok if you don’t know what that is – in fact, that’s the point.

How many small business owners are conducting location-based research before, during and after an on-location or in-store customer visit? Probably not many.

Because even if you’ve heard of it, how would you even start and don’t-even-get-you-going-about-the-budget-it-would-take, am I right?

This is why I am writing today. There’s a new movement that can help you get some incredibly immediate feedback in a way that has been totally out of reach for small businesses. It’ll help you ask, in the most timely, relevant way: “How’d we do?”

It works with your existing mobile app. Don’t have one? That probably needs to change because A. it’s less expensive than you think; B. mobile Internet usage now surpasses stationary (desktop & laptop) Internet usage; and C. mobile apps have surpassed mobile browsers for mobile internet usage.

It’s far less expensive than you would think to implement location-based surveys.

This is still in the early stages of adoption, so now is the time to learn how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

Please join us on Wednesday 11/12/14 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern as we debut a unique integration with iBeacon technology that could help you launch this really cool technology and get really powerful, relevant feedback for much less than you would imagine.

Click here for more info and to register.

One more thing: How’d I do?

James Wirth is the Marketing Manager for QuestionPro, an online feedback software company serving the small business community. James is a skilled marketer with 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners & managers.