By Robert Cordray

To succeed in this world, a business has to tell their story to customers. This is easier said than done. How can a company demonstrate their focus, importance, and worth in just a few sentences? Data visualization helps marketing professionals create an interesting, memorable and clear message. Word-of-mouth buzz happens when information is explained in a creative manner. Content is everything in a saturated world. To stand out, data visualization takes key data and information and represents it in an aesthetically pleasing and unique manner. An audience is thus much more likely to remember, share, and invest in a company. The following are just some of the ways that data visualization like infographics have elevated the content marketing world.

Easy to Remember Information

The Internet thrives because people like photos and other images. When people use visual marketing techniques, they take content to a whole new level. People do not want to read long blocks of text to learn about a company or product. Instead, they like when they can easily learn about things. An eye-catching image is colorful, has a fun lay-out, and helps consumers take in information in just a few moments. Visual content like charts and graphics saves people time and energy.

Story-Telling at Its Best
People remember important concepts when they make them personal or link them to a story. This adds a human or personal touch to marketing. Entertaining graphics or charts keep content engaging. Thus, consumers are more likely to remember important information when it is fun and engaging. A visual form of marketing takes what might seem like boring data and gives it an entertaining story or frame. Content thus becomes more relevant and interesting.

Easy to Make Visuals
Infographics, charts, and other types of data visualization are easy to make. In fact, anyone familiar with Excel dashboard can input some data and make a visual in just a few moments. Different infographics and charts take different types of time and software, of course. However, it’s great for businesses and professionals to know that data visualization is easy to learn. Once made, the image is ready to share on blogs, social media, websites and traditional marketing items like brochures and newsletters.

Data Is Trendy Today
Consumers today love to track data: from calories and fitness goals to commuting patterns and sleep patterns. Companies that highlight data appeal to people’s interest in tracking information. A visual representation of data helps people better consume key content about a business, product or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits
Because infographics and other visuals are easy to read and appealing to the eye, they are often shared or picked up by other websites. This organically increases link building and search engine rankings. Forget having to pay big money to increase SEO. A well-designed infographic can do the work for a company.

Fully Explain Key Messages and Refine Business Branding
Graphics connect numbers and terminology in a very real way. Often, it can be hard to take data and explain its impact. An inforgraphic often breaks down key steps. For example, it provides road map that explains specific pieces to a process. If someone was selling bread, they could first explain the importance of bread, its history, and its impact today. Consumers interact with visual forms of marketing so they understand these different steps. Using images helps a business fully understand a key concept or to demonstrate the effectiveness or need of a product or service. Thus, a business’s brand or personal story is more effectively explained thanks to visual storytelling techniques like charts, infographics and more.

Simple Is Elegant
No one wants to read a long essay full of numbers and difficult to understand terms. An infographics makes information easier to grasp, even for someone who does not have a business or finance background. Simple messages are to the point and easy to understand with a single glance. Smart marketers take their numbers and make them appealing with easy visuals. This ensures people are not overstimulated or confused by the information.

Smart marketing professionals today know that people do not want to be bombarded with cumbersome information. Consumers don’t have a lot of time. Using images to convey important information elevates the marketing game. This is a chance to reach more people quicker. Smart marketing professionals know that data visualization increases link sharing, SEO, and word of mouth buzz in a very real and organic manner. This is an inexpensive yet effective way to build a brand.

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. Follow him at @RobertCordray.