By Maria Anton

If you’re like most entrepreneurs these days, you’re probably not hiring right now. But what about when the economy improves? The 2009 Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations (EDGE) Report, from staffing firm Robert Half, Inc. and Career Builder, has some insights about post-recession hiring.

It may be hard to believe with so many unemployed, but the number one hiring challenge managers said they face was “a shortage of qualified applicants” (47 percent). Respondents said 44 percent of resumes they get are “not qualified.” What are they seeking in new hires? The qualities mentioned most often were “multitasking,” “initiative” and “creative problem solving.” The average time it took to fill a position was 4.5 to 14.4 weeks—similar to last year’s results.

How about employees? Somewhat suspiciously, lthough 9 out of 10 said they are satisfied with their jobs, 45 percent said they will change jobs, careers or industries when the economy improves. Nearly half of employees said higher compensation is the number-one way to retain them after the recession ends. What perks are employees looking for? Technology upgrades (79 percent) and tuition reimbursement or subsidized training (61 percent).

Employers are in tune with what employees want: When the economy improves, the majority said they expect to use money as their primary method for retaining top performers. Fifty-three percent of employers expect to hire full-time workers in the next 12 months; 40 percent plan to add contract, part-time and/or temporary employees. Most hiring will be in IT, customer service and sales, and will be focused on entry-level workers.

You can read more details at Robert Half’s Web site.