By Ivan Serrano

Hey, no one said that when you decided to start a startup you’d be the happy goldfish in the little, peaceful pond. No. Starting up a startup means you’re swimming in an open ocean – with other bigger, faster, experienced sharks.

It’s no secret that over half of startups fail in the beginning. It’s tough out there in the beginning, and if your startup is not ready to hit the ground running, chances are not high that it will stay alive.

But don’t be discouraged. Just think: Steve Jobs started as a college dropout, moved back into his house, and began running his “company” in his parents’ shed-like garage. He failed, of course. But he tried again. And then failed again. Eventually, success is no longer a magic formula but a relentless ambition to never quit. Don’t let anything get you down, and before you know it, you’ll be the big fish in the pond, er, ocean. Learn how to market yourself well, using all your resources, and with time, patience, practice and maybe some luck, you’ll be off to a great start.