By Maria Valdez Haubrich

I don’t know about you, but the whole social media phenomenon makes my head spin. Not that I don’t think it’s a wonderful marketing and networking avenue for small businesses, because it is. And I realize if you’re a business and you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, you could be missing out on a free and extensive way to attract more customers. But HOW? How do you use these social networking sites to their full potential.
That’s why this free webinar from WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) caught my eye:
“In this informative webinar, you’ll learn how to turn Facebook fans and other engaged consumers on Twitter and elsewhere into raging Brand Advocates who will spread positive Word of Mouth and drive qualified leads and sales.”
Here are the details (It’s tomorrow, so sign up now!):
WOMMA Webinar: Turning Facebook Fans into Brand Advocates
Free for Members | $30 for Nonmembers
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CT)
Register Here: