By Rieva Lesonsky

altea-036Starting a business is hard enough when you’re on familiar turf. But can you imagine doing so in a foreign country? When my former employee Sara and her husband, David (at right), moved to Spain last year, Sara, an extremely talented writer, started blogging about their life there. My partner Maria Anton, who was working with Sara on some articles, alerted my partners and I and we all began avidly reading the blog to keep up with Sara’s life. But somewhere along the way, Sara’s blog, Notes from Spain, turned into a journal of one couple’s business start-up.

Yes, after spending some time in the small village of Torrevieja,┬áSpain, Sara and her husband–a talented chef–had the opportunity to take over a restaurant space. They decided to go for it and are turning their new business, AlteArte, into a thriving bar/art/internet space.

I’d been reading their blog avidly anyway because Sara is such a lyrical writer, but with the addition of a new business start-up to the mix, I’m truly enthralled. Will Sara and David get the license to open their restaurant/bar? How will Sara overcome the language barrier, taking orders from customers at the same time she’s just learning to speak Spanish? Will they be able to bring their vision of a homey cafe to life? And can they survive the 20-hour days and make it through Spain’s upcoming summer tourist season?

Check out Notes from Spain and I’m guessing you’ll soon be as hooked as my partners and I are on this startup story.