By Maria Valdez Haubrich

1001816367Have you ever turned to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for help with your business? The SBA has tons of resources to help small-business owners. Now, the agency is making some changes to its website to make information easier to find for entrepreneurs.

The SBA will be redesigning its site from top to bottom–and is asking for your input. Visit the transitional SBA website to see what’s coming and to give your feedback and comments.

“The first phase of the new Web site is scheduled to launch this fall,” says the site. “Additional tools and features will be introduced in early 2011. We will also achieve important milestones this summer, including a substantial upgrade to the search capabilities on the existing site.” The site will also include a community feature where you can interact with people at the SBA and with other small business owners.

The SBA’s Office of Advocacy is also redesigning its site and is seeking comments. Visit the Advocacy site to give your feedback.

If there’s something you loved–or hated–about the SBA’s current site, now is the time to let them know, so speak up!