If you’re a young, startup entrepreneur, where should you locate your business? Under30CEO polled its readers to find the 30 best cities for young entrepreneurs.

The survey broke down 30 U.S. cities into three different categories–large, medium and small–based on population of the cities. Then Under30CEO readers voted on the best locations to start a business, based on local resources, culture, atmosphere and overall appeal to an under-30 entrepreneur.

Austin, TX (pictured) topped the list of large cities; Atlanta was ranked the #1 midsized city (population 250,000 to 500,000); and Chattanooga, TN won top spot among small cities (population of 250,000 or less).

The presence of big corporations, colleges and universities, an attractive lifestyle and a large population of potential employees were common factors in many of the cities; low cost of living featured in others.

Check out the list – are you surprised by any of the choices?