Marketing is all about connecting with the right audience at the right place and time. Although this required different means earlier, anything can now be done on the internet, which brings us to digital marketing. Digital marketing makes use of all marketing strategies but on the internet. A few examples are search engines, email, digital advertising and social media that help us stay connected with prospective and current customers.

The Role of Digital Marketing in Brand Development

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in brand development. It gives rise to endless possibilities, unlike traditional marketing, that can be used only with the help of phone communication, physical contact and print ads. There is no end to digital marketing that can be done on social media, email etc.

Nowadays, it is essential to have some social media presence or a digital ad strategy irrespective of how small your business is. Digital marketing isn’t rocket science to customers now. If you are not much into this sphere, you can always hire a digital marketing agency in India. They expect you to have done some and rely on it as well. So, to put it in a nutshell, if you plan on taking up a business competitively, you have no other choice than to embrace at least a few critical aspects of digital marketing.

Business and Digital Marketing

Something as vast as digital marketing can’t be summarised with a few examples. A spectrum of strategies and tactics fall under this umbrella term, all done online. When you hire a digital marketing company in Pune, Delhi or elsewhere, make sure they know how each marketing campaign would benefit the firm’s overall goals. For example, a content writer helps create refreshing blogs for a new eBook that the company may plan to release. A social media marketer would help promote these blogs, and an email marketer could send mails regarding the company and the eBook to customers. As you read, all those mentioned above are digital marketers themselves, working towards a larger goal. You must understand your company’s needs and adopt a personalised digital marketing strategy, such as a B2B strategy that uses business to business or B2C, which focuses on business to the customer.

Types of Digital Marketing

Below, we have listed some useful digital marketing strategies that can be rendered according to your budget.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

 You may have some brilliant content about your firm on the internet; however, if it’s not noticed, then it is of no use. With the help of SEO, your content is ranked higher while appearing on search engine result pages – leading to more views. If you are planning on creating blogs, websites, or infographics, you could consider this SEO strategy.

  • Content Marketing

As the term denotes, it is the development of content for increasing brand awareness, traffic or views and ultimately, customers through blog posts, infographics, eBooks and whitepapers.

  • Social Media Marketing

This tactic makes use of the promotion of your brand on social media to increase business. It can be done through various forums, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a strategy of increasing traffic to your website by paying the publisher every time your ad is clicked; one of the most used examples of PPC is Google Ads. But, you could make use of them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You may have seen ads playing through videos on YouTube, making use of affiliate marketing, which is performance-based advertising while promoting someone else’s content. Affiliate marketing can also be achieved by posting affiliate links on social media.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital marketing agencies are in charge of creating brand awareness through paid and free platforms. Since they have to supervise each forum’s activity, a different key performance indicator is used for each channel. Depending on your firm’s size, you may have just one digital marketer or several for carrying out each strategy. They usually are SEO managers, content marketing specialists, social media managers and marketing automation coordinators.

Inbound Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

These terms are often regarded as the same as both foci on digital content. However, they have some minute differences. Digital marketing does not differentiate between outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound tactics like banner ads put messages in front of the customer as much as possible on the internet, whether they are ready to receive it or not. But, inbound tactics like blogs attract customers to their website by providing useful information to them. Although a unique methodology, this falls under the umbrella term of “Digital Marketing”.

Initially, it may seem like it is easier to see results through online marketing than offline, simply because it is easier to keep track of the rate of interest. However, in the long run, the quality of your strategy matters.

To conclude, there is a misconception that successful marketing requires a lot of money. It depends on what kind of approach your focus lies on. For those leaning towards SEO, content management and social media, the good news is it won’t cost you as much. You can hire a digital marketing agency in India according to your requirements.

Ankita Sharma works as a digital marketing analyst for Techmagnate with 10 years of experience. She loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media.

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