Businesses who have focused on customer experience now enjoy the benefit of loyalty yet have to compete when it comes to pricing and deliverables. And the ones who did not are finding it difficult to establish a strong foot. But like I said, time is changing and rapidly, which means that there is still a chance that you and your business come out of this crisis with a smile.

What should you focus on:

Prioritizing has become an unparalleled skill set, and that is what you need to do.

  • Check your inventory.
  • Gather insights.
  • Improve your experience.
  • Build a relationship.
  • Share procedures with your customers.
  • Be user-friendly.

The above points are what will make sure you have no holes in your boat when you head out to the sea.

The following will make sure that you improve your retention rate along with your customer’s experience.

Plan Ahead

Yes, stock up on plans, strategy, and process!

Every industry has different requirements, B2B, B2C. What they all have in common is product – having enough to go around. The shortage is unavoidable, but you can get past it if you plan it properly. This is the first step; no amount of service can make up for the lack of product. There are various restrictions based on the country you operate in the industry you are from. Manufacturing has taken a hit and so has exported. A plan comes in handy. Planning gives you an overview of how you should proceed and how to make it work.

Even if you are a software company, there are things that you would need on a day-to-day basis. Focusing on the needs of your customer and employees is equally important. If your employees don’t have the necessary tools, they won’t be able to give their best.

Ask for Feedback

The facts have changed, data that we relied on is no longer valid to our current situation. Don’t panic just yet, saying that does not mean that data is no longer useful. It just means that you need new data. Gathering feedback is time-consuming but very useful. It is the only insight that you will ever need. It is tailored to your business since it comes from the people who use it. Re-evaluate how you can support their present obligations. There are different touchpoints, interactions, or aspects that you can focus on—a quick pulse survey on quality, service, product, or their present concerns. Customer experience feedback makes this process more efficient and simple.

And the best way to do that is to ask.

Be Consistent

There is already a lot that is changing around us experiencing something familiar is a good thing. Businesses these days are faced with challenges like preserving the quality of their service or product. Compromise is not an option, neither in quality nor on quantity, it is terrible for business. Delivering a consistent experience has always been a challenge, to begin with. With COVID-19 turning everyday chores into tasks, it is even more challenging to keep up.

Even while things are hard, delivering the same quality over and over and over again leaves a mark.

While being consistent is essential, don’t burn out your employees; balance is the key.

Establish a Process

Have a process, whether it is about the messaging, service, communication, or even a complaint. The process makes it easier for your customers and employees alike. Knowing what step to take in case they encounter an issue is comforting. It also speaks volumes about the miles your business is ready to go for your customers. Have a status check and run mock for every process. It will help identify the gaps in your process and improve it before a customer encounters it.

For example: Speaking with an actual human is a relief now, and there might be situations where other teams have to assist. Make a flow for such a scenario, who to approach, what’s the process, what is the time frame.

These are things that not only help your customers but also clear things for your employees.

Look closer at every aspect of your business, as small things mean a lot. Many companies have pivoted from one product/business to another just to fit the needs of the market. So when the things around you change, it’s time to adapt and tweak your business to suit your customer’s needs. You want to make their job easier.

Krause Leia is a content marketer and a market researcher who is on the spree to capture multiple facets of industry through creativity and innovation. Krause is a content geek who writes for market research, digital marketing, startup, and market research.

Customer experience stock photo by eamesBot/Shutterstock