By Maria Valdez Haubrich

There are only seven ways to get rich:

  1. Inherit it
  2. Marry it
  3. Invest for it
  4. Get lucky, the Lottery or win it
  5. Work for a company
  6. Break the law: Steal, deal or con
  7. Entrepreneur/Work for yourself

So starts the new book, GET RICH CLICK! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet, by Marc Ostrofsky, due out in May 2011. With a testimonial from Steve Wozniak, GET RICH QUICK argues the best way to get rich is number 7. To promote the launch of his book, Ostrofsky is sponsoring the RU Gen Z (Generation Zuckerberg) contest, video contest to give wannabe entrepreneurs the opportunity to express their creativity and explain why they need to create their own destinies. According to the contest guidelines, some ideal video submission topics include:

  • The worst boss
  • Worst job imaginable
  • My job sucks
  • Crazy work environment, strange co-workers or stupid things your job makes you do
  • Crate a job vs. getting a job
  • Why I want to want to be an entrepreneur
  • Make a living at your job OR create a job and make a killing!
  • I don’t want to move back in with your parents after graduation…

The contest deadline is April 18, 2011 and winners will be chosen in the following categories: Grand Prize, Second Prize, People’s Choice, Funniest Video and Most Creative. For more information see the contest rules and regulations.