Buying refurbished electronic devices can save you money. With the right assistance, one can surely get a refurbished electronic device that is as good as new, and with a lot of efficiencies. Back Market is geared towards providing consumers with safe and alternative refurbished tools for the consumer instead of new tools.

The Back Market is an expert in this industry and can provide safe products.  Back Market is the best market place for refurbished products, and it operates in eight countries. Back Market is looking forward to improving their services since they have acquired 110 million euros from Goldman Sachs, Algae Ventures, and Eurazeo Growth.

With this amount of money Back Market intends to

a) Invest in quality control

Back Market is looking forward to growing its team of 280 employees across its three offices in Paris, Bordeaux and New York three times more. The improvement will ensure better customer service, more quality products, and an increase in expertise.

b) Funding activities improving Back Market’s leadership

These are activities such as introducing new services around logistics and repair, Expanding Back Market’s expertise and building a dedicated machine team monitoring sellers on the platform. Funding these activities will benefit the consumers as they will be guaranteed high-quality products when they consult Back Market. Back Market also will help sellers as the improved expertise will support them sourcing devices, spare parts, test protocols, among other things.

Back Market deals with refurbished products as it is aware of the advantages of the refurbished products. These are some of the benefits:

c) Reduced costs

It is the most significant advantage of all. In Back Market, you can get refurbished products up to 70% cheaper than the new one. Considering the quality Back Market offers refurbished products are best to buy as they are as good as new, especially those from certified professional sellers.

d) Quality

Back Market verifies professional sellers, and with the improvements they make with the 110 million euros, one can be guaranteed quality products. Refurbished products that are made by professional sellers are as good as new.

e) Warranty

Refurbished products offered by Back Market are warranted with 36 months warranty.  Even better, the devices have 14 days of retraction. Such good deals show the quality of the products and how getting restored products through trustworthy means can be of great benefit.

f) Healthy environment.

One of the Back Market Company’s objectives is to reduce pollution generated by the tech industry. Making new devices reduces raw materials and energy, which should be preserved. There is also the hazardous release of carbon dioxide and e-waste. To minimize this, using refurbished products is the way to go.

As illustrated above, it would be of great benefit to opting for refurbished products. Refurbished products can be disappointing if you get them from dubious sellers. Back Market has funds to ensure that the consumers of refurbished products get the best quality with the enhanced measures mentioned above. Back Market verifies and ensures that they have the very best certified professional sellers.

Fixing tech stock photo by Elnur/Shutterstock