By Karen Axelton

dailycandyOur company’s hooked on DailyCandy, the cool email newsletter that delivers a daily dose of fun girly stuff. Now DailyCandy is partnering with Bayer for a contest to help women make their mark. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Pill, the contest offers three ambitious women a $5,000 prize package each to help make their dream a reality.

Starting a business is only one of the ways the contest suggests you can make your mark. Criteria? First, you’ve got to be a woman (sorry guys). Second, demonstrate that your ideas are creative, innovative and stem from a love of what you are doing. (Get more info on rules, etc.,)

Deadline is June 28, so get cracking. Need inspiration? Check out videos of some successful boutique owners, designers and more on DailyCandy’s site.