By Mike Haubrich, Guest Blogger

nicholson6When is ugly beautiful? For some, it may be an ugly dog contest, where the mutts are so hard to look at they somehow become adorable. Or maybe an art piece that some would view as hideous, while others find it stunning.
For me, it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals. (My apologies in advance to the Los Angeles Laker haters out there.)

First, let me explain. Game 7 was as far as the Finals series could go. The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers had battled to win three games each and force the deciding matchup for all the marbles. Game 7 was unquestionably ugly—hard fought and physical. All of which did not play to the Lakers’ strengths. Still, the Lakers were able to shake off an array of early errors to prevail late and win the title. For me, and countless others (Hi Jack!), it was ugliness turned into a thing of beauty.

I’m a Sales Manager at a small startup. Some days can feel like the beginning of Game 7—an angry customer, a difficult task I’m not sure can be completed, a late shipment from a vendor. But when these negatives turn into positives, the hair pulling seems worth it—turning the customer’s anger into understanding, the difficult task completed, the sound of a semi pulling up to the warehouse with the shipment you thought was late. These things that started ugly can turn beautiful when you least expect them.

It’s these times in a business’s life that can make you appreciate more when everything works like a charm. (Like Game 6, which the Lakers won with ease to force the seventh and deciding game; Sorry again Laker haters!)

Sure, things aren’t always going to turn from ugly to beautiful for you. But maybe the next time something seems inevitably leading to an ugly ending, you could think of the Lakers.

Or ugly dogs.