It was during my first job as an internet blogger that I learned that there is more to YouTube. In addition, how great it was for anyone looking to take advantage of it. Especially someone looking to support their online business!

Before I had this job, all I did all day long was go through funny YouTube videos. I used to drain the last bit of my internet data – and even then I would be calling the Spectrum service number for more data! Many people still do not realize that there is a big world out there, outside of our funny giraffe and cute puppy videos.  And once you seek it, you find it!

YouTube can help you grow your online business in so many ways.

Choosing YouTube Guarantees Choosing What Works!

There are three types of videos on YouTube: Entertaining, Shocking, or Educational.

So when you think about starting an online business, it is a good option to search for such existing businesses. It helps you have an idea about what are people doing in a similar line of work. You can get an outline of the important steps that you need to take before you begin your start-up. Here is when YouTube comes to rescue you.

Whatever category your business falls into, YouTube has millions of videos talking about it already. And if you have a better idea about how to do it, make one of your own, and you will get views, probably more than the existing ones have.

Just be careful: Don’t go for random stuff video-making. Make videos that might help your customers, in deciding and in choosing you! Successful business videos need to be purposeful.

Choose Useful and Relevant Keywords

To make sure that your videos are easily found and available to your customers or your potential buyers, you have to make sure you are using the right keywords in your description. This includes relevant keywords, as well as the potential keywords that your customers can search for.

For example, if you are going to start a makeup brand or business, you should include words like beauty, online makeup, makeup, beauty product, eye makeup (if you are going to stock that), best online makeup, online makeup buying, etc.

Pro Tip: if you are unsure about what keywords to add, search for similar videos and find the most popular topics. It never hurts to copy a few (wink, wink!)

Stick to a Schedule

No, this doesn’t mean you have to post a video every day. Every YouTube business needs a schedule they have to stick to. It is not important what the day is, it is just important to have a schedule to stick to! You can post once a week, or select a day, like every Tuesday. It might be that you post once a week, or on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or three times a week.

When you finalize a posting schedule, make sure to follow it religiously. Loyal customers set reminders to get notifications about their preferred brands. You might miss out a few if you are not available at the right time.

While fixing a time, keep in mind your target audience. You have to know when your targeted audience is free enough, at least most of them. Most people switch on their videos from 7-10 am, as it is commuting time and they need something to kill time.

Be Welcoming Towards Feedback

What is the point in building an interactive YouTube channel when you are not interacting? Make sure to welcome feedback. Give attention to comments. Answer queries. Reply to them as early as possible.

Get into interaction with your customers. Ask for their opinions regarding your latest posts. Build business interactive relationships. This will not only help your business but the quality of your customer care too.

YouTube as a Map to Your Business Website

Ensure that your YouTube channel guides your customers on how to reach your business website.

Keep in mind: YouTube is your tool to make your business grow. So, be sure to include the following links in your video descriptions and also on your YouTube page:

Your business website

  • Your channel page (included in individual video descriptions)
  • A link to your business Facebook, Twitter, and to all other social media accounts
  • A link to all other similar videos that you have made

Take Full Advantage of the Opportunity

Making and maintaining a successful YouTube channel might help you in growing your business. Give importance to feedback, interact, and link it to your official business website. The more views you get, the more attention your business is going to get. For example, I take full advantage of my Spectrum internet package and keep my YouTube business account fully updated.

Harry Miller is a Relationship Coach, Yoga maestro, and Blogger. He writes for many well-known blogs and tries to present his critical take on the latest socio-cultural trends that dominate the blogosphere.

YouTube stock photo by Alexey Boldin/Shutterstock