Resolution #11: Be cybersecure. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Chris Wayne, the Chief Technology Officer at Yahoo Small Business says “Prevention is key [to avoiding cyberattacks].Taking measures such as auditing software, implementing staff-wide security trainings, and having a clearly defined crisis plan are critical to prevent an attack or mitigate the fallout once it happens.”

Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 says in 2018, 55% of SMBs experienced cyberattacks, 52% of these breaches were caused by human error, and, in a quarter of these cases, sensitive customer data was breached. The average cyberattack will cost an SMB $190,000 and, after a ransomware attack, only one-third of SMBs can remain profitable.

You must do what you can to prevent these cyber breaches. How?

1—Educate your staff. Create a cybersecurity policy and train your employees to know what to look for. Strong passwords (that are changed every three months) are a must. Use multifactor or biometric authentication.

2—Be careful when outside the office. Working in coffee shops, airports, hotels or anywhere outside your office entails some risk. Not only can your devices be stolen, if you don’t use a VPN (virtual private network), your data can be stolen as well.

Microsoft 365 Business is one new solution to help keep your small business cybersecure. It’s like hiring your own Chief Security Officer.